20 minutes Jivamukti Method Meditation



Meditation is not what you think. Observing death (exhale) as part of the cycle. Exploring fear as it comes up, without bypassing. Letting your breath take you into it, practicing holding yourself there.

Notes from my study of the Jivamukti Meditation Method.

“The practice of meditation is the practice of witnessing, or watching your mind think. To witness is to observe without passing judgment on what you see. The witness stands as an impartial observer, allowing whatever arises to arise, and then to pass away. The witness does not follow the thoughts, the witness does not hold on to the thoughts. The witness lets each thought come and each thought go. It is a continuous process of letting go. As you consciously allow each thought to pass, you allow the mind to recede back into its own source. That source is the universal cosmic identity from which all is created.

The realization that comes to the witness is the realization of an identity beyond body and mind. Through the steady practice of witnessing you come to know that you are not your thoughts, because you cannot watch and be something at the same time. For most people the idea that you could watch your mind think, and become detached or cease to identify with the contents of the mind, is not considered something that is within the realm of possibility, much less something that one could practice, and through practice - get better. Use of mantra can help one to cross over the mind. man=mind + tra=to cross. Try using the mantra “Let Go.” On each inhale you silently repeat the word “Let,” and on each exhale repeat the sound “Go.”

Let go of thoughts, let go of each breath, let go of each feeling. When we are able to transcend thought, we can perceive the Truth of Being that is beyond thought and description.

This is an exciting time for all of us. We are very close to discovering who we really are. There is no time to waste. Let today be the first day of the rest of your life.” If you’d like to explore meditation seats / postures, then please checkout this quick 30minute vid - https://youtube.com/shorts/S06x0qgVprc

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