Starting with the surface emotions and allowing the remedies to work and reveal what, if anything, lies underneath. The person taking the remedies is on a journey, and takes time to learn from each layer until the heart of the story is revealed.Nothing is going to happen, the Remedy will only work on the energy […]

Starting with the surface emotions and allowing the remedies to work and reveal what, if anything, lies underneath. The person taking the remedies is on a journey, and takes time to learn from each layer until the heart of the story is revealed.

Nothing is going to happen, the Remedy will only work on the energy level that we are having problems with. When you take the wrong Remedy (or a remedy that you don’t necessarily need), nothing happens.

It is impossible to overdose with the Bach Flower Remedies, they are 100% natural and safe. You can drink a whole bottle of Remedies and not “overdose.”   While it is safe to take numerous Bach Original Flower Remedies at once, it’s also important to deal with various issues separately. Once you address the main ones, you may well see that you no longer have to deal with others, as key negative emotions often trigger others.  The problem is if you take more remedies than are actually needed, then the most needed ones can be prevented from working as quickly or efficiently as they might otherwise.

​Taking the Bach Flower Remedies is non-habit forming and non-addictive. One may stop taking the Bach Flower Remedies when the problem that is being treated has gone.

WATER VIOLET is the remedy for those talented, capable people whose independence and self-reliance can make them seem proud and disdainful.  True Water Violet people tend to be upright, quiet and dignified.  They prefer their own company or that of a few close friends.

AGRIMONY is the remedy for people who keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness. The sad clown masking inner hurt by being the life and soul of the party is an Agrimony archetype.

An Agrimony person typically finds it extremely difficult to talk about their problems with others.  They will often seek out parties, drugs and drink to hide from their feelings of inner turmoil.

They may shy away from speaking out and say that ‘all is fine’ or that ‘there’s nothing wrong’.

Water Violet helps bring us back into balance so that we can be more involved with humanity.  The Water Violet person would shy away from company even though he may feel lonely. They may isolate themselves and or make themselves unavailable emotionally.

Agrimony - Sir Elton John in Rocketman

Water Violet - Jennifer Aniston has been reported using the Bach flower remedies to deal with loneliness:

Impatiens, as its name suggests, the remedy for impatience and the frustration and irritability that often go with it. Anyone can get into this state of mind, but there are also genuine Impatiens types, who live life at a rush and hate being held back by more methodical people.

Holly is actually the remedy for very feelings directed at others – a person needing Holly may be feeling angry, but always as a result of the specific emotions of jealousy, envy, hatred or revenge.  Some mistake this remedy (not you!) as being 'the' remedy for anger, when other remedies such as Impatiens, Beech, or Cherry Plum etc.  would be more applicable - depending on the emotions felt. 

They may be irritable and lose patience, tolerance and composure, thus resulting in anger.

Eg: Impatient and irritated with the slow pace of others, therefore hurrying them along to the point of being angry with them for going so slow.

As explained above - my hubby is very calm and takes things at his own pace, and I used to be in a rush all the time. 

His slowness used to irritate me and I used to get angry at it and at him.

They may be experiencing sibling rivalry, with suddenly erupting emotions, and may (for this reason) find it hard to love themselves (and others). People in the 'Holly' state often do not know why they feel this way, and feel angry at themselves for their often unmanageable emotions.

Feeling defensive during a discussion rather than listening to the other’s point of view and allowing them to have their say.

After taking Holly, I may have softened and filled with love and compassion for the other.

“Healing must come from within ourselves” - The original writings 

“To find the herb that will help us, we must find the object of our life” - The original writings 

“the personality without conflict is immune from illness” - Heal Thyself

“To struggle against a fault increases its power, keeps our attention riveted on it’s presence, and brings us a battle indeed. To forget the failing and consciously, to strive to develop the virtue which would make the former impossible, this is true victory” - Heal Thyself. 

“There is a factor which science is unable to explain on physical grounds, and this is why some people become afflicted by disease while others escape, although both classes may be open to the possibility of infection.” - Heal thyself. 

“We can judge our health by our happiness” - The original writings

“Every one of us is a healer, because every one of us at heart, has a love for something” - The original writings. 

“Health is our heritage, our right” - The original writings

“It is only when we attempt to control and rule someone else that we are selfish” - The original writings

“Healing must come from within ourselves” - The original writings

“Our emotional states affect our immune system and our body’s ability to stay well. Put simply, balanced people don’t get sick as much as unbalanced people do. So by balancing negative emotions with the remedies, your body is better equipped to take care of itself”

Perhaps reality can be explained by one simple statement, maybe even this statement offered by Steven A. Ross, PhD, founder of the World Research Foundation and Library and an expert on bioenergy: All of life reduces to electricity and magnetism acting on L- and T-fields. All matter is bipolar, held together by these unseen fields. All chanting, mantras, and meditation affect these polarities. All disease, illness, growth, decay, and emotions are regulated by them. You can fix your life by interacting with these underlying fields—and through them, create, act, and live closer to God.

In 1911 Dr. Walter Kilner examined the aura with colored filters.  He discovered a few cool things. Most important, the conditions of this “aura,” as he called it, shifted in reaction to a person's state of mind and health. (so your aura literally changes depending on your thoughts and your emotions).

Considering that our thoughts and emotions change our auric field, which has a direct impact on our physical reality, it’s of the utmost importance that we learn how to heal from damaging thoughts and restrictive emotions so that we can live a life of health and vitality.

Dr. Edward Bach wrote ‘Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. Remove the disharmony, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.’

The journey of sovereignty is to have authority over oneself, which is to be able to maintain balance. When internal energy is balanced and redirected, we create an impact on the sensory organs, glands & nervous system in order for you to feel healthy. 

To me, being in balance means that you have a handle on the various elements in your life and don’t feel that your heart or mind are being pulled too hard in any direction. More often than not, you feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated.

By recognizing the connection between remedy groups, and energy centres, we can identify the emotion through the area of the body that manifests disorder, thereby pinpointing for us the band of frequencies that needs addressing, helping us to choose a remedy or remedies that will bring us towards dynamic balance.

Centaury:  Helps when you find it hard to say no, and therefore easily get imposed on. You often find yourself serving others, neglecting your own particulate mission in life.

Walnut: Helps you break free from old ties and at times of major life changes. It helps you move forward and make necessary changes in order to be happy. Walnut gives consistency and protection from outside influences.

They may become Assertive.  Centaury encourages the positive potential to not deny their own needs, and so they may be able to express and defend their opinions, uninfluenced by others.  Still remain kind and caring, but better able to maintain healthy boundaries


  • Starting school 

  • Getting married 

  • Becoming a mother 

    She is easily influenced and must be protected from outside influences.

    She also needs support to focus, and even though she knows what to do, she falters when presented with an alternative approach.

    She has difficulty in saying no and is anxious to please.  She may say something like: “I feel like Cinderella! I never know how to say no and I always end up doing whatever the others have decided I should do. Sometimes I even take on extra tasks”.  Centaury can help the child to stand up for himself and be more assertive. 

    What I love about the remedies is that I take them and then I forget why I am taking them. That’s when I know that they undoubtedly work.

    For example, I’ve been taking Olive for the past few weeks because I’ve been exhausted, and sometimes I forget to take it which is usually during the times when I feel energised and refreshed.

    They allow me to feel free and unburdened. 

    They also help me to acknowledge the emotions that I am experiencing, and then to take action to move through these emotional states. Sometimes, it’s just the simple act of acknowledging the way I feel, and then the self-care practise of taking the remedies, that helps me to move through the emotions.

    But other times, it also became quite clear to me what is needed on the physical plane so that I can go out and action it.

    Self-absorbed, dislike being alone, and are excessively talkative. Heather encourages the positive potential to be heard, assisting you in developing a voice without appearing needy. Having conversations that are two-way and genuine is a vital part of open communication. it can help overcome feelings of loneliness, specifically as this type of person doesn't like being alone and will tend to seek out anyone who will listen and tell their story. This can lead to people avoiding this person, and result in loneliness. Dr Bach called Heather types 'buttonholers', which sums it up really.

    You talk about yourself a lot, overshare and find it hard to be alone. The positive potential of Heather is to be heard (someone who is able to enter into genuine two way conversations with others, without driving people away).

    Dr Bach called Heather people ‘buttonholers’ because they latch onto people, all the time talking at exhaustive length about their problems, great and small, until people begin actively to avoid them. Thus the thing Heather people fear – loneliness – is brought about because of their behaviour.

    The remedy helps us see our own concerns in the context of other people’s. Having suffered ourselves from the need to talk, we become good listeners.

    As a result people seek us out for our compassion rather than avoiding us because of our self-centredness.

    Heather essence for loneliness — Do you absolutely hate being alone and try to avoid it, no matter what? Heather flower essence can help you feel more comfortable when you’re by yourself and help you avoid feeling lonely or sad.


    Heather for those in long-distance relationships — Are you facing an extended absence from your lover, partner, close friend or family member? Heather flower essence can help you survive, and even thrive, when you’re not in close proximity to someone you love.

    Heather to be a better listener- When I was preoccupied with talking that I was accused of not listening? Heather helped me to become an empathetic listener.

    Also, my husband went away for a week on business. I took Heather so that I didn’t feel lonely without his company.

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