7 Questions that’ll take you from blah to ah-ha

Reclaim Your Power and Choose Your Life

If you don’t start exercising your right to choose your life, my friends, you’re going to end up a very unhappy little BumbleBee.

You’re probably already tired.

You find yourself drinking one too many chardonnays over what's supposed to be a quiet night in.

Enough Already!

How about you choose, right now, to bust out of victim mentality, out of self-pity, and step into a world where you are the queen of your queendom?

Take Control of Your Life

Take control of your thoughts and emotions, and start living life according to your inner compass.

Dream with me for a moment that in an instant, you could change your future...


Facing the Tough Questions

Suddenly, unsettling and overwhelming questions begin to echo in your mind.

- "What do you truly want and or enjoy?"
- "Do you make time for your hobbies?"
- "What exactly is a hobby?"

- "How do you even figure out what your heart desires?"


Assessing Your Current Reality

Do you have the energy to tackle them all? Are you going to spend the rest of your days telling everyone how ‘busy you are’ and how you’re overworked and underpaid?

Do you think that for one moment, if you were brutally honest with yourself, being too busy, being exhausted, and overworking are all statements of over-importance?

Breaking Down the Illusion of Busyness

As if being in demand makes you more important than those you’re talking to, and you wear your fatigue and exhaustion as badges of honour.

I bet a million bucks your busyness includes a long Facebook/Insta-scroll.

You fill your precious free moments with distractions, preventing yourself from prioritizing what truly matters and deserves your attention. It's time to reclaim those moments and channel them towards actions that align with your deeper purpose and fulfilment.

Evaluating Your Time

What activities are you investing your time in? Are they truly productive?

Avoid saying ‘I’m so busy’ - the energy behind that statement is uninspiring.

Quit saying, "I'm so tired," because genuinely exhausting yourself from a productive day is invigorating and energising.

It’s a positive tiredness that you embrace. You thrive on that energy, don’t you? Seek more of those moments.

Prioritize Joy and Happiness

Schedule time in your life to do things that make you feel HAPPY AND JOYOUS.

Stop living hangover to hangover. Choose your habits wisely. Choose what you do with your time wisely.

Shifting Your Mindset

I often speak to clients who feel victimized by their circumstances.

As if they don’t have a choice in their moods or the way they’re feeling.

Feeling sad and defeated is a choice. You get to choose the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel.

Reflective Questions for Self-Improvement

Ask yourself these 7 questions the next time you’re stuck in self-wallowing pity:

1. Is this how I WANT TO FEEL?
2. How do I WANT TO FEEL?
3. What thoughts would generate those feelings?
4. What actions could I take to contribute to those feelings?
5. How can I change my thoughts?
6. My emotions?
7. And my life?

Starting the Transformation

If you’re pondering these questions and wondering how to change, this DAILY RITUAL list will support you in co-creating the change you desire.

It all starts with your emotions, and choosing them first.

Embracing Your Emotional Complexity

As a complex being (as we all are, my love), you'll desire different emotional states depending on your activities. You may want to feel powerful at work and gentle at home. During the weekend, you might opt to feel open and creative, whereas in the evening, you may prefer to relax and unwind.

Discovering Transformation Through Reflection

Take time to reflect on these questions, as the answers themselves can lead to transformation and change.

If your feelings are magnetic, choosing them will help you co-create with the Universe, attracting everything you deeply desire.

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