A Piece about Courage

What will you decide?

Tumbleweeds floating past your eyes.

You see them.

You notice them and your eyes sparkle with delight.

Your heart races with excitement.

These ideas have chosen you.

‘But no! How can I?’

‘But no! Who am I to teach these holistic and endearing messages of hope? who am i to birth her to the world?

But no! next time, when I’m ready’.

… and sadly, these deliciously sophisticated ideas make their way to someone else.

Someone who is courageous and strong enough to hold them.

Someone who is bold enough to carry them through. Someone who is dedicated enough to create magic.

And a year goes by, and you’re still doing the same old.

Visiting the same old.

Saying the same old.

Until you notice one of these deliciously sophisticated ideas that you thought would wait for you, has made her way to someone else.

Someone else who is radiantly delivering her to the world.

Someone who has humbly accepted her as a gift.

And they are both happy.

And it could have been you.

And you look at what you’re seeing, and you’re filled with regret at not having taken a chance on yourself. Not having trusted yourself with her presence and guidance.

At not having chosen her.

And you wake up.

And you realise that the TIME IS NOW.

That this deliciously sophisticated droplet of grace is still within your reach.

What will you decide?

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