One of the Things that enabled a quantum leap in my life

For many months now, I have been supporting women in learning more about their energy and emotions.

For the women who I have supported to their own version of success, it’s been an intimate set of ten weeks, slowly meandering through practises and tools to that which allows them the freedom to feel into their own beauty. To find Reverence for their own set of unique skills, and to say g’bye to the things that are weighing them down.

I’m always in the WORK.

Researching and trying to find ways to better understand myself and the reasons I am who I am. Searching for answers, new ways of being, and trying to be as open as I can so as to experience life fully. I’ve tried most things, Moon Charting, Cycle Charting, I’ve dabbled in astrology, and in Archetypal Analysis (and so many more).

All of these parts of my path have been riveting.  After all, I consider myself a SEEKER, one who (i don’t think) will ever stop trying to find new ways to connect with the DIVINE within.


As I’ve been discovering my HUMAN DESIGN for the most part of 2019, I’ve been able to experience a huge break in the way I see myself. In particular, the expectations I’ve previously set for myself in both my business and relationships. Through these changes, rapid reshuffles have elegantly sequenced themselves in my life, and with those shifts,  I’ve been able to create more Flow in my life and open up to a daily state of BEING, rather than being so obsessed with the DOING.

The wonder of this is that these simple swaps have fuelled my life with love, rather than control and or over-giving.


Most of the women I work with have either just started to build their business or have already reached a certain level of success, but in both ways they feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the old way of trying to make an impact and an income.

I really want to help deepen their flow states too.  If I’ve been able to open up channels to Create Flow states for myself, then I’m sure I can help my clients do the same. And if one of the most impactful ways I’ve been able to do this is through Human Design, then I want to learn how to read charts to support my clients to initiate their own transformation and change.

my highest priority right now, is to facilitate the same sort of change and transparency for my clients.


If you’d heard me bang on about how life is all about your energetic state, then you’ve also heard me speak about how you can take action from a place of expansion rather than that fuelled by fear and not-enoughness.


It’s with this in mind that I’ve decided to start incorporating Human Design into my Mentoring Practise. I know that the culmination of this practise, along with my Reiki Energy Healing, and pragmatic Emotional Intelligence Techniques, will catapult my clients into their own state of bliss with more ease and grace.


I’ll start offering these when I feel ready, as I’m currently mentoring with an absolute star who is going to teach me all she knows about how I can read charts, and proceed accurate support to those who are interested in living this epic way. (at this stage, I’m looking at the end of February 2020). With each breakthrough, my trust gets deeper and I embody more and more of this new way of living and leading. It not only feels lighter, and more joyful, but miraculously, I find myself in the most incredible of success stories, having allowed my intuition to guide me towards that which is in full alignment of what feels GREAT.

I've guinea-pigged myself for long enough to know that this WORKS.

I can’t wait to support you through this same transformation.

It’s going to be so much fun!!

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