Mistakes you're making when it comes to Self Love - and how to Start a Self-Love Revolution in just 6 Days.

One of the most prominent things I hear clients say all the time, is 'I deserve more' or 'i give so much and receive nothing in return'.

How many times have you yourself, voiced those words?

The thing with self- love is this that you have to (as the name suggests), do it for yourself. You can't expect anyone else to swoop in and make things right or better for you. You've got to be the one to take care of you, and it's with that self-care, that you really learn to love yourself.

So what does this self care look like?

Think about how you love a friend or a lover?  That's how you love yourself... 

I've broken them down into 7 days of Self-Love Practises. Take each one of these, and practise them for a full 24 hours, and then rinse repeat for the rest of your life.

DAY ONE:  No criticising. This goes for your buddies, and for yourself too. So next time you're looking in the mirror and thinking about how bla you look in those jeans, think again. Turn your bla into woah! and start to make an effort with how you speak with and to yourself. Your words carry a strong vibration into the Field. Make sure that what you're thinking, is worth your love.  

DAY TWO:  Start your Morning Routine with Love. You know those mornings that you roll out of bed, and rush off work with coffee in hand, and croissant tucked under your arm? Hair half done, makeup still in your bag, yet to be plastered on your face?

How about we switch that up for an alarm clock that goes off an hour before you need to get dressed. (Yes an hour). In that time, you sip on a cup of warm water, lemon oil and celtic / himalayan sea salt. You move your body with gentle yoga poses or make shapes that feel good for you. Sometimes you'll want to up the anti, and other times you'll want to take it slow. Totes cool either way, just move your body.  Check out two resources to help you with this.

ONE - CLAIRE BAKER'S ADORE YOUR CYCLE BOOK; this teaches us women all about our moon cycle and may help you to explain why you feel the way you do during certain days of your cycle.

TWO - DOWNDOG THE YOGA AP; you can create whatever type of movement your body craves. From strong vinyasa to tone and strengthen, to relaxing poses to stretch and open up your energy channels.


DAY THREE:   It's said that the human brain thinks a trillion thoughts per day (ok, that's an over-exaggeration but i'm close I think) so how about we take control of our thoughts. I love this subject so much, in fact it's one of the topics we look at really closely in OPEN HEARTED, my monthly Coaching Program for women who are sick of playing small.  On of the ways I like to take stock of what is being thrown around in my mind, is to journal. Write out your thoughts for a min of ten minutes per day and watch how you relieve yourself of the heaviness you may be experiencing from within.

DAY FOUR:  Along with the gentle yoga movements as mentioned above, you may want to move your body more. Be it in the gym, Cross Fit, HIT, Pilates. Anywhere. Just move. There are so many reasons for you to move your body, and daily habits that maintain—or improve—your physical health do the same for your mental health. According to Psychology Today Magazine "Moving your body not only improves cardiovascular health, it improves cerebrovascular health. A wide range of recent studies have found that exercise improves brain function, structure, and connectivity. These brain improvements are directly linked to improved learning, memory, and cognitive function."

DAY FIVE:  Spend time alone with yourself. Hang out and really get to know yourself. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You know the way you get to learn about a good friend? Getting to know yourself is no different.  It takes time, and consistency. Hell, I'm writing this article from my bed, it's 7.12 pm and my husband has gone out for dinner with his buddies. Time alone. heaven .... (ps. I love my husband. our marriage is fine). This may seem uncomfortable for you at first.  But babe, that's where the fun starts. what do you enjoy ? reading? writing? colouring in? Take yourself out on a dinner or a lunch date, a spa date, a picnic in the park.  I can think of a million things. Use your imagination and have fun with it.

DAY SIX:  Set clear boundaries. This goes for all areas of your life, work / play. Parents / children. Friends and lovers. all of the above.


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