How to be 'in Flow'


I'm purposefully using these words together. Especially s we traverse the topic of 'Being in Flow' or 'being in the flow'.

The word ACTION is absolutely necessary on the path to achievement, but it’s not always (in our cultural conversations) action alone that propels us forward to creating what we most want in our lives. 

But INSPIRED ACTION, well, that's a whole other game - these two words together, help me be, in what I like to term - the flow. 

This type of action is almost always accompanied by a rush of energy, and feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and joy, right before I spring into momentum. And it may be because of my Human Design or the fact that I’m impulsive and spontaneous, hardly ever thinking anything through and mostly acting on impulse and gut feel, but what I can say that from my own experience; Inspired action is one of the core ‘tenets’ of harnessing the power of the law of attraction

Of stepping into FLOW state.

Of getting Sh*t done, in the most easy and effortless way.  

It’s the type of action that you take when you feel inspired to do it. I tend to move at a pace which others can’t quite comprehend because taking action that feels good leaves me wanting more. 

It feels like I'm high on life and having experienced the opposite of Inspired Action, the low-vibe exhausting pushing uphill, I'm often hanging out on the bench, waiting for the rollercoaster of Divine Movement to sweep me off my feet.

(More about INSPIRED ACTION in an article from the Chopra Centre HERE.)

The opposite to Inspired Action is HUSTLE, WORKING HARD;  AS IF SOMEONE IS TAKING IT AWAY FROM YOU. It’s a feeling of pushing and striving and exhaustion.

To think that the words “hard work and struggle” are the only ways to find success in life is a tough mindset to take on. In fact, I would go as far as to say that because I carried that mindset for a very long time…until I learned a different way of thinking and being in the world, it's no wonder that I landed up chronic and adrenal fatigue, working in an industry or a job that wasn't in alignment with my heart and soul. I was in DOING MODE most of the time, placing my worth on my productivity and burning myself out in the process. 

So, you want to know how? How do you wait for, and take inspired action. 

First - you've got to know that there IS another way, and not just cognitively 'know', but in your heart, undoubtedly know, that there is a different way of living your life. It’s unconventional, and nothing that I was taught at school, but in hindsight, I can see how my mom, a designer and creative, has lived all her life in this mindset of inspired action. And although she takes it to a whole new level, which is a story for another time, she is a true reflection of what it means to be inspired, and then to take action. 

Regardless of what you’ve been taught (or not taught), know that you too, can make the mindset shift towards a way that feels good, and expansive, towards a life that gives you immense joy. That action doesn't need to be intertwined with struggle-city.

With that being said, a nice way for you to know if your action is of the 'Inspired type', is to notice, does the thing you’re doing take energy from you?

Or is it, energy giving?

Is it energy draining or does it feel effortless?

For when you feel in-Flow, you’ll notice how easily and effortlessly your project or the task at hand takes a life of its own. The inspired state can often be whispered to us from our intuition, but the caveat here is that we need to be aligned with our Soul and find stillness, so that it and the Universe can conspire with us. 

We’re looking for Ease here (as contradictory as that may sound, in a world where NO PAIN NO GAIN right?)


- You’re driving down the road, and all the lights are green. Bingo, you're in the flow. 

- Circumstances seem to line up for the benefit of the project at hand. Rock on baby!

But as I said, you need to be in alignment for all of this to be available for you. For you to be able to hear your intuition talking to you. 

So how do you get into alignment?

How do you find clarity without the confusion?  without the shoulds and the musts.

It’s a simple formulae. 

Which can be found in this eBook.

Once you’re in alignment, you’ll act as a magnet to the right resources & the right people to show up at the right time. 

It’s effortless. 

Make no mistake, I’m not talking about sitting on a meditation pillow all day expecting the world to revolve around you. There’s still action, but the ACTION that you do take -  it feels effortless. And that’s because It’s in alignment with your thoughts and feelings.

Your thoughts, being on a conscious and a subconscious level, act as an electrical charge, and your feelings and emotions act as the magnetic charge. 

Thoughts send signals to the universe, feelings and emotions draw them back to you. You have to have the perfect combination of these two, working in sync for you to be aligned.

Then, and only then, can you take inspired action.

Misaligned action is always going to require MASSIVE action.  

That means that when your thoughts and your feelings are not in alignment, you’ll be required to work MUCH harder than necessary.  This is a statement that’s quite ‘Anti-Culture’; with all the words and statements that we live with in our world today, for some, it may be ridiculous to understand how you can truly live the live you want and deserve, without taking MASSIVE ACTION TO GET THERE. I’m not saying that you’re not required to work, I’m just saying that it flips the scale from Effort to Ease.

With that being said, we know that it’s imperative to get Into alignment first.


If you don’t take your time to align your thoughts, far more action is required without the emotional results. 

That’s not to say that we don’t get results, we do!

But quite often those results don’t feel the way we thought they would feel because we're achieving from a place of misalignment.

We want it to feel like we’re going downstream - with the flow.

We want it to feel easy and effortless,  instead of swimming against the current,  or upstream. 

If you don’t take the time to align your thoughts, there is not enough action in the world that can help you achieve your goals. 


Let the Universe be your Project Manager. Whispering to you what you most need to do to get back in alignment. Remember that MASSIVE AND FORCED ACTION is going upstream and is so much more difficult when against the current.

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