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How to find the Courage to carry out your dreams

Sep 20, 2019


Tumbleweeds floating past your eyes.

You see them.

You notice them and your eyes sparkle with delight.

Your heart races with excitement.

These ideas have chosen you.

‘But no! How can...

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How to be 'in Flow'

Sep 12, 2019


I'm purposefully using these words together. Especially s we traverse the topic of 'Being in Flow' or 'being in the flow'.

The word ACTION is absolutely necessary on the path to...

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7 Questions that'll take you from blah to ah-ha

Sep 05, 2019

If you don’t start exercising your right to choose your life, my friends, you’re going to land up a very unhappy little BumbleBee.

You’re probably already tired and exhausted.


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The Day She Came To Life

Aug 29, 2019

I've witnessed how, when people acknowledge their thoughts to be just THOUGHTS, that they find a sense of freedom from the shackles of the chatter in their minds. 

I'm talking about thoughts...

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What to do when you're 'Stuck' (It's really not that cryptic)

Aug 22, 2019

Guilt, for me, is that one emotion which can ruin every positive experience I have.

It is torturous, and anyone who has felt it will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The energy of...

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Cultivating Three Magical Mindset Shifts, and how to Let go of Limiting Beliefs

Aug 15, 2019

The simple phrase, 'it's all in your head' is a term which is loosely used, but it has a strong connection to the truth, and here's why.  To cultivate a growth mindset, which is important for...

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A Vision without a Vision Board...in 2 easy steps

Aug 01, 2019
I’ve noticed something over the past several years: the most interesting, accomplished people I know all have a vision for their lives.
They seem to know what comes next, like they’ve...
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