43: Strategies to relieve overwhelm and panic in your business (and or at work)



Feeling Overwhelmed or panicked?

Struggling with making decisions?

This episode is for you.

Feeling Overwhelmed or Panicked?

Struggling with making decisions?

This episode features the audio from a YouTube clip (here if you’d prefer to watch it) that addresses common fears and provides strategies to manage and cope effectively. We dive deep into emotional regulation exercises and nervous system regulation exercises, offering tools to help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

I also explore the fear of letting go and how it blocks our intuition. One highlight of this conversation is my explanation about focusing on the problem, which prevents us from finding the solution (the not-problem). By not allowing space for solutions to surface, we suffocate our innate wisdom, leading to increased stress and a feeling of being undernourished.

We discuss effective ways to remove yourself from stressors, which may initially seem counterintuitive, but I guarantee they work every time. These strategies are essential for emotional regulation and can help alleviate overwhelm.

After listening to this episode, have you realised you're focusing on the problem rather than the solution?

If so, share your insights with me on Instagram by tagging @ariannapienaar. Your insights could support others too.


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