46: Stop Stretching! An (Unconventional) Conversation with Yogi Aaron



This episode talks through the various ways we can build strength in the body and also avoid / heal from pain.

In it, we discuss ways in which Yoga Teachers can cue poses for their students, to inform the class with safe applications of the practice so as not to injure themselves.

We also talk about the value in learning how to teach a class by using your words (off the mat) as opposed to demonstrating, and chat about various ways that you can make this work for you so that you’re teaching the WHOLE class and not the minority of advanced practitioners.

Yogi Aaron has guided students for over 30 years to realise their inner strength and cultivate indomitable will so they can discover their truest selves and live their best lives. In his biographical documentary, he shares his inspiring story and the unique doors he had to walk through to fully embrace and live his purpose — from growing up in the wilds of Northern Canada with a new-age mom to attending an all-male boarding school to building a successful yoga career which included starting a global naked men's yoga movement, opening a retreat center in Costa Rica, and developing his own yoga methodology to help people heal from pain — Yogi Aaron's life journey and lessons learned highlight the essential steps to living an abundant, successful, and happy life.

Learn more about Yogi Aaron: https://yogiaaron.com

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Arianna Pienaar is a yoga teacher, holistic therapist and NeuroLinguistics Coach.

She runs a boutique wellness business called AriannaCO, which is a combination of yoga, transpersonal psychology and reiki and subtle aromatherapy philosophy.

In her search to become a better healer and teacher, she has studied Holistic Health Energy  Medicine and Coaching, Flower Remedies, Subtle Aromatherapy, Hands-On Healing, Various Styles of Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork, NeuroLinguistic Programming, and Emotional Intelligence Mentoring and Therapy.

She Is available to teach yoga, meditation, breathwork and hands-on healing sessions to groups, and also holds the relevant qualifications, certifications and insurances to support clients, customers and patients 1:1.

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