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Archetype Profile Reading

How to Expand Your Consciousness Using Archetypes

Plato may be the first philosopher to refer to archetypes. He called them Forms.

For Plato, there were two realities: the world we live in and the non-physical realm where the Forms exist.

These Forms, for Plato, are pre-existing ideal templates or blueprints. They include characteristics like roundness, softness, hardness, greenness, blackness, and so on.

Forms is another term for archetypes.

In modern times, psychiatrist Carl Jung made us aware of archetypes. He saw archetypes are the fundamental units of the human mind.

An Archetype Chart Reading is for anyone who wants to know a deeper level of truth about where they are right now or where they've been.

Having a reading done is a Journey of Awakening. An innovative tool for self understanding and empowerment. 

These sessions are a process which in which we spend 2 x 90 minutes together (virtually) to talk about your pwn personal archetypes, and how they  facilitate a personal discovery of your inner being.