S2. ep3 – Why & How the Human Design System can really help you elevate your life.



An interview with Nicola Cloherty on all things Human Design.

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with my own Human Design in a way that has allowed me to enjoy life a little bit more, with freedom, ease and joy. at the forefront of it all, it's softened the MUSTS and SHOULDS to the point where i've allowed myself to twist and turn and find my own way of living in energetic harmony.

There have been times when it's been relieving (that AHHHH moment, the EXHALE), and then there have also been times of deep reflection and resistance because the narrative would have me believe that the way I do things is not the right way.

This conversation is a the entry for those of you who have been interested in what Human Design is, and how it can support you to live a life in complete energetic alignment with your soul.

ALSO - FRIENDS, if you were listening close enough, you would have heard that there's an incredible program being launched at the moment, called Aroma x Energetics - It's at launch stage right now, and so you're able to book a call with me to chat about whether it's the right fit for you. Here is the link to check it out:

Aroma x Energetics

Nicola Cloherty coaches and mentors women to reconnect, remember and reclaim who they truly are in their life and business. Working with a woman’s innate womb wisdom, menstrual cycle & beautifully unique energetic blueprint via Human Design, she offers private coaching, courses and workshops.

She teaches women to tap into their innate creativity, reconnect inward, remember who they are and reclaim their power in accordance with their biology, unique energetic blueprint and ways to support themselves physically, energetically and spiritually.

You can find her via her Website or Instagram or can listen to on her Podcast - ‘SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty’ on - Apple - Spotify - Stitcher - SoundCloud

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