What is Energy Medicine and How Does it Work?



Energy medicine is the manipulation and support of your energy system. We look at the energy channels that run through the body - data banks, chakras or the energy centres - their meridians, Acu-points in the body, the auric layer, the emotional, mental, physical and, then also the etheric bodies that live from the physical outwards.

I recently wrote a post about Why Energy Medicine is so important, which inspired more thinking.

Having worked in Human Resources with business leaders in my past life, I supported leaders and leadership teams to bring more emotional intelligence into their roles. My job was to help them understand and approach EQ (and their roles as leaders) from a different perspective so that they could essentially ‘get more’ out of their employees. I remember seeing the looks on their faces when they got it - that 'ah ha' moment.

It’s not rocket-science. You don’t need a degree to understand how humans are motivated, but what you DO need though, is a willingness to want o make a difference in someone else life.

My job was to teach, guide and mentor them to arrive at that epiphany. Fast forward to where I am now - mentoring and coaching incredible high achievers to create lives that they’re in love with; I find myself on a similar path.

Funny to think - that path (all those years ago) led me here.

I teach the basics of Energy Medicine in a 9 Month Mentorship called Lessons in TRUTH; for Women who want to learn the healing arts, yet want a grounded approach to applying the mystical teachings in their day-to-day lives.

Women who want to be energy medicine practitioners, experience what it really means to live according to Universal Laws of abundance and freedom, and who genuinely want to learn how energy plays a pragmatic role in their lives.

Women who are thirsty to apply ancient laws and texts to their modern day experiences, who are tired of over-spiritualising and not practically applying the many  theoretical learnings to their lives.

It’s unlike any other Group Mentorship because this training includes over 9 types of holistic therapy practices which are grounded in experimentation pods.

These Principles are anchored by the teachings of the USUI Reiki Healing and Yoga Traditions. There is no other training program that combines these two ancient healing modalities along with various practical applications of holistic therapies, along with live interactive coaching and mentoring on how to apply these energy-psychology principles into your real life.

It begs the question…

What is Energy Medicine?

So let me indulge you...

My understanding of energy medicine has come through many years of practising it and understanding it on a physical and mental, emotional and spiritual level. The practices of energy medicine are quite literally everything in your life. We think that it's separate from us, that it is a particular style of medicine. And whilst that is true to a certain extent, it is not the whole. It's not the whole picture.

Energy medicine is the manipulation and support of your energy system. We look at the energy channels that run through the body - data banks, chakras or the energy centres - their meridians, Accu points in the body, the auric layer, the emotional, mental, physical and, then also the etheric bodies that live from the physical outwards.

The idea that energy is separate from us is where it becomes a little bit ludicrous because we are made up of energy, which is to say that we conduct energy. Energy runs through us. It runs within every cell of our body. And without a free-flowing energy system, we may feel contracted, stagnated, and almost a little bit listless in life, which comes from the emotional perspective.

Energy medicine is taught from the outside, which is the skin; the physical body you have is the outside and inwards is where we actually go.

We look at practices like Tai chi, qigong, yoga, and we look within those lineages and structures, look at breathwork, and look at mantra, which is the sound that comes from your mouth. We look at Mudra, hand gestures, the placement of fingers against fingers to bring about a stronger, energetic flow. We look at acupressure - pressing on particular points on the physical body to stimulate energy within those channels. We can do a massage. We can do lymphatic drainage. We can do gua sha like anything that helps move energy from the movement of your physical body. The above are the easiest ways to move energy because you just do it. You just move your body from one point to another.

Yoga as Energy Medicine

My clients generally find that yoga in itself is not even about being a perfect yogi and doing a perfect set of sequences. It's actually about placing the body in shapes that allow for energetic flow to move through the body. Yoga in Sanskrit means union, which means that you are yoking bringing many parts into one. You're bringing the mental, emotional, physical aspects of you and the self and the soul and Uthman, which is Universe/God/Source, bringing that all into one beautiful union. And so, by practising yoga, the technique of yoga, you're allowing this movement of energy through the body, through the manipulation of your physical body and allowing it to land in certain shapes. I used to teach yoga, both online and in studios, and the one thing I used to say was that people are drawn to yoga because they think it's a physical practice, which it is, but you soon realise that it's really about so much more than that. That's the first place that generally people get hooked on energy medicine.

Personally, one of the things that has been helpful for me is yoga as therapy whereby you support the physical body, the actual physiological responses, the digestive system, the immune system, all these sorts of things through yoga. This is all energy medicine.

How Does Energy Medicine Work?

The emotional and mental bodies, which are all your thoughts, interrelate and intertwine, and they work together very closely. The emotional body is all of your emotions now. The idea that you have a thought that creates a chemical reaction in your brain, which lands and lodges itself in the body as an emotional experience, cannot happen without the other. So your thoughts create emotions. Generally, what happens is circles around, and the emotion recreates the thought.

An example of this would be: I am nervous about giving a speech to my classmates, which creates nervous tension in my body. I feel the nervous pressure in my body, and I start to think that there's something unhealthy with me, which creates even more nervous tension. And then it creates even more unhealthy thoughts, and round and round and round we go - that in itself is an energetic reaction. From this example, we can see that it's not an expansive experience. You actually contract and become worried and fearful.

The idea is that we create sequences, tools and techniques to help expand the energetic force within the physical realm, opening ourselves up energetically to receive guidance from Universal Source, from Universal Intelligence and also from our soul. But also very, very practically the thoughts that you think will rule your life and send out energy. The emotions you feel will rule your body, sending out a particular frequency.

Everything that you can think is electrical, and everything that you can feel is vibrational.

Therefore, thoughts send electrical signals out into the field, and feelings magnetise those emotions back to you when you use thoughts and emotions as part of your energy, medicine, routine or lifestyle. You can supercharge energy medicine by millions. Thousands. Quadruple thousand million - all of the numbers - because we often think that just get a healthy body and get the energy flowing through the physical body. Yes, but remember, when you think that sends an electrical signal out. Not only does it send it out into the field, but that thought creates a neurochemical that makes its way through the body - your thoughts and your emotions live within your body. Your body is a map for everything you've ever thought and felt. So when you start to move your physical body, you may feel emotions that come up. You may feel thoughts that you haven't had for ages rise to the surface, and if you are diligent enough, devoted enough to work through those happenings, you will find yourself a clearer vessel to create change not only in your own life but in the lives of those you love.

Energy Medicine brings together the four aspects of self and uses all of those aspects of self to cleanse and clear your energy system so that you can be a clear vessel for light. 

The idea that you have ‘gifts’ that allow you (alone) to use  energy medicine is BS - every single one of us uses energy medicine everyday in every way.

How we use it intentionally is to the degree with which level we are accustomed.

You don’t have to be the 'chosen one' to understand how to use it.

Energy Medicine brings together the four aspects of self (the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and uses all of them to cleanse and clear your field so that you can be a vessel for light.

For kindness. For compassion.

For patience and Curiosity.

That’s what it takes to be a fierce leader.

We tend and nurture the physical body by watching what we eat and drink.

We exercise, meditate and rest, all in an attempt to ensure openness and receptivity for Universal guidance.

We take care of our thoughts.

We cleanse and clear our mindS of negative and destructive patterns.

We diligently learn how to control the monkey mind by sitting in meditation or mantra practice, all in an attempt to negate the downwards spiral that can so often come with habitual thought-loops that leave you feeling numb, or out of control.

We understand our emotions (or at least try to) and we work with our emotional body by moving through resistance - and releasing  anything that doesn't serve us.

Any guilt, unwillingness to forgive, resentment, anything that we’re holding in the body that doesn't actually support us in the 'here-now' moment needs to go, because it's creating weight in our psychic field.

All of that together creates the SPIRITUAL

 > the energy medicine experience.

We work with concepts, ideas, beliefs and systems to help strengthen and brighten our field so that we can become better versions of ourselves, so as to serve our families, communities and the collective better.

If you’re looking at the model of how most people experience energy medicine sequentially:

1. You learn about the physical - this is matter - the densest form of energy - think a yoga or breathwork practice where you have a physiological experience. How it changes your body, and your mood, and therefore your behaviour.

2. You move through the emotional, recognising feeling and feeling states ~ trying to control your reactions / responses in an attempt to change, strengthen or fortify the relationships in your life.

3. Witnessing The Mind - seeing thoughts as merely patterns that can be changed if required. Once you're on that path, you start to understand more and more about self-limiting-beliefs and restrictions you place of yourself.

4. You start to embody the changes put in place from pints 1-3, and In so-doing, you recognise how much is at play in the unseen realms. Your eyes can only see a maximum of 1% cent of what's true and what's real in life. 99% of what exists is unseen. It’s sensed and embodied.

Through understanding yourself better and understanding your own energy system, you start to sense and feel what all is happening around you, without having to see or hear it.

This is where you start to experience the mystical.

Through understanding yourself better and understanding your own energy system, you get to understand what's happening around you.

For example, you cannot see WiFi, but you can use it, and it exists - so you start to learn how to call on allies and energies that aren't already around you, that is just asking for you to call on them. Some people will try and understand what's happening around them first, getting all woo-woo, calling in spirits, but the reality is that you're only doing a quarter of the work. You have to understand yourself on a deep, intimate level first before working with all these energies.

To get intimate with yourself first, join us for the last ever Lessons in Truth - a 9-month energy medicine mentorship program starting on the 1st March 2024 or let's talk about a tailored and personalised Coaching Partnership to suit you and your life.  

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