53: True Wealth Creation (with Tiffany Carole)



IN this episode, Tiffany Carole and I talk about Understanding True Wealth Creation:

We exploring the concept of wealth creation from a spiritual and soul perspective, and speak extensively about how spiritual healers traditionally view wealth, and how can they shift their mindset towards abundance and prosperity


In this episode, Tiffany Carole and I talk about understanding true wealth creation. We explore the concept of wealth creation from a spiritual and soul perspective and speak extensively about how spiritual healers traditionally view wealth, and how they can shift their mindset towards abundance and prosperity.

We also:

  • Explore the potential impact of wealth accumulation by spiritual healers on their communities. How can spiritual healers use their wealth to uplift and support others in their spiritual journey?
  • Define wealth, particularly the energetics of wealth, focusing not just on financial aspects but on true wealth.
  • Identify common beliefs or mindsets that may hinder spiritual healers from embracing abundance and prosperity, and strategies to decondition these limiting beliefs.
  • Envision how wealth accumulation by light workers can contribute to the greater good of their communities.
  • Share personal experiences and examples from our own lives, including how Tiffany successfully shifted her mindset towards abundance and prosperity.
  • Discuss the role self-worth plays in the ability of spiritual practitioners to attract wealth into their lives, and how improving self-worth can improve relationships and build better relationships with wealth and abundance.

Imagine transforming your perspective on wealth and abundance, aligning your financial goals with your spiritual values. Picture yourself deconditioning old beliefs and embracing a mindset that attracts prosperity, enabling you to support and uplift your community. Envision using your newfound wealth to enhance your spiritual practice and contribute to the greater good.

Understanding true wealth creation is crucial for spiritual healers who want to live abundantly while staying true to their spiritual values. This knowledge helps healers break free from limiting beliefs and learn new behaviours that support financial and spiritual growth. By redefining wealth, spiritual practitioners can create a positive impact on their communities and live a more fulfilling life.

My hope is that by listening in with us, you'll:

  • Transform your perspective on wealth, leading to a more abundant and prosperous life.
  • Improve your own self-worth, enabling you to attract and sustain wealth.
  • Use your  new-found wealth to support and uplift your community.
  • Have a deeper understanding of true wealth that goes beyond financial gains.
  • Improve your relationships with money and abundance, allowing you to build better relationships with others.

Join us in this episode as we delve into understanding true wealth creation, paving the way for a more prosperous and spiritually aligned life. Discover how to decondition limiting beliefs, improve relationships with money, and learn new behaviors that attract abundance and prosperity.


Tiffany is an international teacher, dynamic speaker, successful entrepreneur, and author. Through her heart centered works, she transmits the fundamental essence and language of energetic medicine. She illuminates that which is emergent as well the "first principles" which create the foundation for shared experience.

Tiffany bridges the richness within the worlds of the seen and the unseen, and helps make this process transparent and illuminated so that others may do the same. In this way Tiffany serves as a Cultural Midwife, supporting healers, teachers and leaders as they birth their future Self.

Tiffany has an uncanny way of honoring both the western and eastern philosophical mind and perceptions in such a way that allows transcendence of opposites while not denying the reality of  duality in the third dimension. She studied biochemistry at Schreiner University, and Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University. She ultimately obtained her licensure in Acupuncture and Therapeutic Body Work (Washington State).

Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles, previous adjunct faculty at Bastyr University, and practiced the art and science of energetic medicine professionally for 20 years at her former clinic outside Seattle, WA. Additionally, Tiffany co-created a potent system of pairing key essential oils with acupoints and body zones, facilitating extraordinary shifts in body-mind-soul. This collection of works is called Aroma Point Therapies. Her online Master Healer Academy supports thousands of people all over the globe as they birth their Future Selves.

Tiffany has a lot of programs and offerings which you can find on her ⁠⁠⁠⁠website⁠⁠⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠here⁠⁠⁠⁠.

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