Introspective & Intuitive

Therapist and Coach for ambitious introverts and high performers

My story:

I have a masters degree in Commerce majoring in with a background in Human Resource Management, combined with qualifications in emotional intelligence teaching, mentoring, and health coaching.

With these new and practiced skills, I started my own holistic therapy and coaching practice.

Since then, I have graduated as a holistic therapist and an internationally accredited results coach. I now help people create the lives they desire without feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

I specialise in assisting ambitious introverts and introspective leaders to achieve results in an extroverted and overstimulated world. Throughout my years in dancing, corporate and running my own business, I was led to believe that the only path to success was through constant hustle and grind, leading to physical and mental exhaustion and inevitable burnout.

This yo-yo style of leadership is not sustainable for those with a sensitive nervous system or for those who prefer a quieter, slow-paced life.

Central to my coaching approach is helping you maintain a calm and centered mindset.

Slowing down to speed up and being fully present, in the moment.

I'll teach you the art of slowing down to speed up your results.

It's a pairing that literally changes the way you show up in the world, inevitably changes the way you lead, interact and work.

I know the disappointment of struggling to give your all each day, only to feel stuck on a hamster wheel with little progress.

After years of sacrificing my peace, and battling high functioning anxiety, I've been able to change completely. 

That’s what holistic results coaching does. 

And you can experience the same results that I did.

Having spearheaded Change Management and Leadership & Culture initiatives in the Construction and Luxury Retail Corporate Spaces, I know first hand what it takes for Leaders and High Level Executives to perform.

With this lived-experience, I help my clients become laser focussed on their vision and carry it through from inception to completion with grace and composure.

My speciality? Lead with heart and integrate my passion for holistic practices with practical strategies for long term sustainable success.

My promise:

I guide you to achieve your goals and maximise your potential while honouring your unique nature. Through mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and non-sleep deep rest techniques, I help you transform frustration and anxiety into clarity and composure. My coaching is designed to support you in a world that often demands overstimulation, helping you to lead authentically and effectively without compromising your well-being.

My Method:

Rooted in holistic practices and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by introverted leaders, my methodology emphasises slowing down to speed up, turning inward for guidance, and cultivating a balanced, authentic life. I believe that true leadership and success come from a place of inner calm and intentional action, not from exhaustion and constant grind.

In today's busy world, stress and burnout are common challenges.

Through a mix of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and holistic methods, I'll help you cultivate resilience and emotional balance, so you can navigate challenges with grace and composure.

I understand the unique challenges faced by ambitious introverts and I'm here to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

I work with:

Ambitious Introverts who are ready to own their happiness and seek a deeper transformation in their personal and professional lives. My clients value honesty, authenticity, and sustainable change. They are curious, growth-oriented individuals who believe there is more to life and are committed to finding it. They are looking for a coaching experience that respects their need for introspection and provides them with the tools to thrive in an extroverted world.

My approach:

I value grace, peace, equanimity, and freedom. My approach is minimalist, elegant, and focused on creating a life of balance and fulfilment. I reject the notion that success requires sacrificing one's well-being and instead champion a path that integrates emotional wellness, spiritual well-being, and professional achievement.

My mission:

To empower introverted leaders to achieve their goals with grace and composure, transforming their approach to leadership and life. I aim to create a ripple effect of calm, mindful leadership in a world that desperately needs it.

My vision:

A world where introverted leaders feel empowered and equipped to lead authentically, where they can achieve extraordinary results without compromising their health and happiness. I envision a future where sustainable success is the norm, and leaders are celebrated for their unique strengths and contributions.

My practice:

To foster a deeper understanding of myself and therefore contribute to the world in a thoughtful and intentional way.

I live an introspective life which involves regular self-reflection and a deeper focus on my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I do this in the following ways:

  1. Daily practices that promote present-moment awareness and self-awareness.
  2. Regular reflections to gain insight into my inner world.
  3. Reading as a gateway to deepen my understanding of the world.
  4. Spending time outdoors in nature to reflect on life away from daily distractions.
  5. Creative activities that serve as a form of self-exploration and emotional expression.
  6. Periods of solitude to disconnect from daily responsibilities.
  7. I engage with my own coach to explore personal challenges in my own life.
  8. My decisions and actions are in alignment with my personal values and long-term goals.
  9. By practicing gratitude and appreciating the many positive aspects of my life.
  10. Deep, meaningful connections with others rather than superficial interactions.
  11. A simpler lifestyle with fewer distractions and possessions to focus on what truly matters.

This also invariably informs the work that I do in the world, and also the way I lead.

My Certifications and Credentials:

Master of Commerce majoring in Human Resource Management (people & culture)

Qualified Emotions Mentor (specialising in Emotional Intelligence Tools and Techniques in the Workplace)

Health Coach Certification with the Integrative School Of Nutrition

Neurolinguistic Programming Coach Certification with Hayley Carr - Be Your Own Coach

Holistic & Complementary Therapist (DipHealth)

Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher, Coach and Mentor

Internationally Certified Results Coach (ICF Approved)

Yoga Teacher (RYT350) Trained in Hatha Vinyasa and Jivamukti Yoga (300HR)

Breathwork Facilitator (100HR)

Yin Yoga Teacher (50HR)

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