Dante Amato



“Pure Magic - there is some pure bloody magic going down at the moment. Magic in my community. Magic in my connections. Magic in my ownership. Magic in my purpose. Magic in my relationships.

My soulsister/coach/life mentor/emotions teacher, Arianna, taught me, not so long ago, to have faith and to just keep ‘following the breadcrumbs’. And now, that’s how life rolls, without knowing the end point, I keep following the breadcrumbs because I trust they’ll get me there.

I never imagined that as a type A control freak, I’d be able to let go and allow my intuition to walk me home. I tell ya, it’s bloody magic.

You were an absolute gift to me this year. I would pay it over a thousand times in a thousand lifetimes to witness the growth you have helped me with. Thank you my love. You will always be one of my greatest mentors and I adore you. There’s tears.”

-Dante Amato


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