S3. ep.7 – The Three Graces



A deep exploration into the three Graces and their applications in the world.

Notes to the episode as i used them:

Grace is a mystical force which is known through experience.

It’s known through revelations that occur within you.

You weren’t born knowing yourself, you have to discover who you are. You are your very own surprise package. 

This mindset will fade as your spiritual journey progresses from horizontal to vertical.

THE GRACE OF FORTITUDE - of letting go of needing to fix things. 


  1. What do I see today that I didn’t allow myself to see yesterday? 

  2. Who am I becoming and what will I be able to give and do because of this becoming?

Feeling the anguish of the horizontal path is that you may feel impatient with people.

Sharing what can’t be shared because they aren’t going through what you’re experiencing. 

Defining characteristic of creating the individual within us is that you find yourself breaking away from the norm. Creating space around you to find your own sense of self. 

GRACE OF WISDOM - to return back to community.

The way of wisdom is to reflect and respond when you’re clear.

The pursuit of the SELF is to explore deep and provocative questions about yourself. 

We start by understanding what it is that leaks our power.


  1. What is blocking me from radiating love?

THE GRACE OF HUMILITY > What am I doing? 

Acting out pf fear is a dangerous place.

No dark force can grab a humble person. 

The deeper you go into yourself, the more you make room for others. 


If I can’t comprehend the answer, then I’d like to live the question more fully.

May I become the embodiment of the question.

What does it mean to reflect on something?  What does the process look and and feel like?

Read something and then pause to image where it was written, who wrote it, and what the message was at the time of writing.

  1. What does it look like to live in AWE?

  2. What fills you with AWE?

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