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Discover transformative benefits of energy medicine—improved well-being, stress reduction, enhanced vitality & emotional balance. Explore practices like Reiki, acupuncture, meditation, and more for holistic wellness.

When I first started teaching about Energy Medicine, my communication style was cryptic and vague, and I’m not quite sure what, if anything, my students understood.

Nevertheless, they all walked away changed, because the results of learning about energy medicine, especially the embodiment practices that come with it, are experiences that change you in all. the. ways.

I’ve had the opportunity to experience these changes in my life too.

Seeing them on the page doesn't really pay homage to the ways these practices have changed my life, but my hope is that you feel into these points, and consider for yourself whether these lifestyle changes are ones that you’d like to implement too.  Imagine how your life would change and what would be different for you if you felt this way too?

My daily practices set me up for the day in a way that nothing else can. The days that I don’t practice, I feel scattered, moody, and exhausted.

Imagine your day starting with a spaciousness to gather your thoughts?

A time where you’re able to realign your energy for the day ahead. And yes you can spend 45 minutes doing this, or a simple 5 minutes will suffice too. A brief contemplation is better than none, and so I often encourage students to start small and if your time allows, to build on slowly-slowly.

You could practice modalities like, REIKI; AcuPoint and AcuPressure techniques; Yoga, Pranayama Breathing techniques, and Meditation. Here goes:

  1. My stress levels lower significantly on the days that I practice. I know this because I’ve been measuring my heart rate variability and stress levels specifically both with a heart rate monitor and also an oura ring. These devices respectively, show me when I need to recover and relax, and also when I’m on the up with recovery and relaxation levels. There is a direct correlation with my stats improving on days I Meditate and Practice Energy Healing techniques like Breathwork. I’ve been testing this specifically so that I can show you how incredibly beneficial it is to practice daily. The results don’t lie. These practices encourage relaxation, calmness, and can alleviate physical tension, and I have the reports and numbers to prove it. Listen to me riff about it here.

  2. Learning about energy flow within the body and how to facilitate its movement is a key aspect of energy medicine. Once you’ve mastered the techniques taught in Lessons in TRUTH, you’ll experience improved energy flow that will increase your vitality, result in better sleep, and a feeling of being alive. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and dreading your day. EVERYDAY. I remember a time in my life, where the first thing I thought about in the mornings was ‘how the heck am i going to get through today?’. Nowadays, I jump out of bed ready for action. This feeling, THIS first thought - is priceless. I wish I could bottle it up and give it to you, because it truly is such a gift. You can experience it too.

  3. Some people find relief from chronic pain or discomfort through energy medicine practices. Modalities like acupressure and aroma-acupoint, which focus on energy meridians in the body, have been reported to help manage pain for various conditions. I have been a chronic migraine sufferer throughout my life. I notice a considerable difference in the frequency and intensity of my headaches and migraines when my stress levels are lower, and thus can attribute my practices not only lowering my anxiety and stress levels, but also then because of that, reducing my aches and pains. This means that I have more days out of bed and in my life. Bonus.

  1. Take Sarah (name changed for privacy), a devoted stay-at-home mom, who felt the weight of managing her household, kids, and family responsibilities. Energy medicine became her oasis amidst the chaos, transforming her life and nurturing a serene home environment. As Sarah journeyed through energy practices, her story illuminated the transformative impact of this healing modality on overwhelmed mothers.  Read more about Sarah here.

  2. Meet Rachel, a dedicated part-time athlete whose passion for fitness and sports was unparalleled. She lived an active lifestyle, participating in marathons, intense workouts, and competitive sports events regularly. However, an unforeseen injury during a rigorous training session left her sidelined and in excruciating pain. Read more about Rachel’s story here.

  3. Meet Lily (name changed for her privacy), a vibrant soul who found laughter in the smallest moments and joy in the everyday. She cherished her time with her mom, sharing stories, laughter, and an unbreakable bond. When her mom passed away unexpectedly, Lily felt like the world had lost a bit of its sparkle. Read more about Lily here.

  4. Meet Emily, a vibrant legal assistant known for her quick wit and passion for life. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the legal world, Emily found herself yearning for a different kind of freedom—one that didn't revolve around weekend drinks but centered on self-care and personal growth.  Weekends had become synonymous with unwinding at bars, a routine that left her craving a change. Her desire for space and a healthier lifestyle nudged her to explore options beyond the bar scene. That's when she stumbled upon a transformative program called UNIFIED with Arianna. Their focus together was in creating space for energy healing to take place. Read more about Emily’s experience here.

  5. Meet Mia, a devoted yoga teacher whose passion for guiding students toward inner peace was as deep as her connection to the spiritual realms. Mia's journey with yoga had always been more than just physical postures; it was a pathway to explore the depths of her soul and connect with the universe in profound ways.  As she navigated her spiritual journey, Mia found herself drawn to the concept of energy medicine. Read more about Mia’s story here.

  6. Meet Jess, a woman who recently bid farewell to a long-term relationship that had shaped a significant part of her life. As she navigated the waves of emotions—heartache, uncertainty, and newfound freedom—she found herself seeking solace and a renewed sense of self through the transformative power of energy medicine. Read about Jess’ experience here.

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