S3. ep.6 – Truth vs. True



Let’s talk about the differences between truth and true, and learn now to apply these two concepts to your life, to enhance your experience and or advance your spiritual evolution.

The nature of something being true Is when you can explain events as they exist.

For example: Right now, I am sitting right now on a bench outside. That is true. But in two minutes, I'm going to get up from here and move away from here seat.

And therefore me sitting down on the bench won't be true anymore. So whether something is true or not, is a bout a set of circumstances, but it can change at any time.

It does change all the time. The amount of knowledge / information you have about something, will determine what you deem is true about it.

Truth (with a cap T), on the other hand, is that which is always and in all ways universally classical, never ending Truth. So the law of gravity is a truth. It's an earthly Universal law.

Another example of a Truth is all is one, meaning: what is in one is in the whole.

That is a Universal Truth.

That is to say that it has always been and it always will be. What I experience within my body is mirrored out into the world in front of me. That is always going to be the case, whether I'm sitting down on the porch, recording a podcast episode or five years from now, when I'm when I am out in the world doing my thing, that Truth is always going to be the Truth.

true / truth (lower case) is subjective.

Truth is always and in all ways.

The way that I experience both of these in my body is that small true / truth has an ending, and thus is fleeting.

I can change it at any time.

There's an element of satisfaction in true for me because if I'm experiencing a really heavy emotion, what's true for me is that experience in the moment, but I can always change that feeling at any time.

Truth is a constant, so it's very soothing for me in my body. It makes me feel like I have something to rely on.

I know that it's always going to be that way, so it's super reliable for me to trust in Truth.

If you're ever experiencing anything that feels rather heavy or challenging or you're going through a period in your life where you have doubts or you're at a crossroads, you can asses what's true for you in that moment, and use that knowledge to change your circumstance at any moment - change it to whatever you desire.

I love the idea of something being true because this means that I am shaping my destiny with every single decision and choice that I make.

So in that same example, if I'm going through a challenge, I am at a crossroads and I want to apply TRUTH, I can look what's in front of my eyes at the world that I see, and by seeing what I see with my human eyes. I can quite often depict what is going on inside of me, because of the Truth ‘WHAT IS INSIDE ME EXISTS ON THE OUTSIDE’; what's inside of me is being mirrored ALL around me.

I'm having trouble deciphering what it is that I'm experiencing or what challenges that I'm going through internally, then I can look at the world around me and use that as a gauge to help me understand what's going on inside and vice versa.

If I'm struggling to make sense of what's going on in the world around me, I can often look within to find explanations as to why it is that I'm seeing the world as it is.

What is it that's unhealed within me?

What is it that's fragmented? And how can I piece puzzle pieces together in my interior and my internal world so that I see the world differently?

And this example that I just gave has been so pivotal in me navigating the last two years in my life. When you see the world in disarray, when you see things going a little bit crazy and you almost can't make sense of the world.

There have been times in the past two years, where I've been fearful or I have felt compromised because of what I've seen in the world around me and also what I've witnessed in the world at large; and when I’ve taken that fear or confusion into a contemplation practice and asked questions like ‘what is it about this experience that's making me feel uncomfortable?’ I was able to pinpoint what it was. IN this example, I felt like I was being controlled, and from there I was able to ask craftier questions about why that made me feel compromised.

And from there I can start to excavate where that actually comes from, I can recognize that in every single moment, I have a choice and that even though the narrative may be one that makes me think that I have no choice and that I'm being controlled, that there are other options and there are other ways for me to connect with this experience in a way that has me feeling free and empowered.

I can go about doing the work to help me connect with my power in that example or in that circumstance and live from that place, rather than from a place of being victimized or feeling disempowered.

And so I can then take that Truth and apply it to what's true for me to help me change any negative or challenging experience that I'm going through.

Can you see how you can use TRUTH - universal truths to help change what's true for you? You can use the two words and concepts together to form a smorgasbord of tools, practices, techniques, excavations, contemplations.

But they are not one in the same thing. They work together symbiotically to help you cultivate and create powerful change in your life. But they are very, very different ideologies. Fleeting vs. forever.

I really hope that that's helped pave the way for you feeling empowered.

I'd really love to hear from you if you have any questions about this practice, this way of working with true and TRUTH. And of course, if you’ve taken this pearlinto a contemplation practice and you'd like to share that with me, oh my gosh, I would absolutely love that. Thank you so much for being here, my friends.

Bye for now.

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