Sometimes, you’ve got to get REAL with yourself



Where you take control of your thoughts, and your emotions, and you start to live life according to your own inner-compass.

If you don’t start exercising your right to choose your life, my friends, you’re going to land up a very unhappy little BumbleBee.

You’re probably already tired and exhausted.

Your Pity-Party is so boring, even your most loyal fans, are avoiding your calls.  You find yourself drinking one too many (or two to many) chardonnay’s over what's supposed to be a quiet night in.

Enough Already!

How about you choose, right now, to bust out of victim-mentality, out of self-pity, and bust into a world where you are the queen of your queendom?

Where you take control of your thoughts, and your emotions, and you start to live life according to your own inner-compass.

Dream with me for a moment, that in an instant, you could change your future...

To begin with, this is scary. I know. I’ve been there.

Questions which are confronting and suffocating start to sound rather loudly in your head.

"What do you want?

What do you even like?

What IS a hobby?

and how do you even figure out what your heart desires?"

So many questions.

Do you have the energy to tackle them all?

Are you going to spend the rest of your days telling everyone how ‘busy you are?’ how you’re overworked and underpaid?

Do you think that for one moment, if you were brutally honest with yourself, that being too busy, being exhausted, and overworking are all statements of over-importance.

Trying to make yourself seemingly over-important?

As if the fact that you’re in demand makes you MORE important than those people you’re speaking to? That you wear your fatigue and exhaustion as badges of honor?

I bet you a million bucks that your busyness includes a long Facebook / Insta-scroll.

That you spend ever-important time procrastinating and avoiding the important things in your life that you know would make you feel happier and more at-ease in your skin.

You spend your free space burning up time so that you don’t have space to do what is important and what needs to be done.

What exactly are you spending your time doing ?

Are you genuinely accomplishing something?

Stop saying ‘I’m so busy’ - the energy of that emotion is bla.

Stop saying ‘I’m so tired’ - because when you’re truly ‘tired’ from kicking ass in your day, that kinda energy is HIGH and woohoo.

It’s a good tired and you don’t complain about it.

You love that energy right? Do more of it.

Schedule time in your life to do things that make you feel HAPPY AND JOYOUS.

Stop living hangover to hangover. Choose your habits wisely. Choose what you do with your time wisely.

So often I speak to clients that feel victimised by their circumstances.

As if they don’t have a choice in their moods or the way they’re feeling. As if their circumstances is being done to them.

Feeling sad and defeated is a choice. You get to choose the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel.

Next time you’re stuck in self-wallowing pity, ask yourself these 7 questions:

  1. is this how WANT TO FEEL?

  2. how do i WANT TO FEEL?

  3. What thoughts would generate those feelings?

  4. What actions could I take to contribute to those feelings?

  5. How can I change my thoughts?

  6. and therefore my emotions?

  7. and therefore my life?

If you find yourself mulling over these questions and thoughts, wondering how you're going to pull yourself out of your ways, then this DAILY RITUAL list is going to really help and support you through the first part of co-creating the change, you so want in your life. 

It all starts with your emotions, and choosing them first. 

Because you're a complex being (we all are, it's not just you my love), you'll desire different states of emotion dependant on what you're doing. You may wish to feel powerful at work, and gentle at home. You may choose to feel open and creative on the weekend, and relaxed and calm of an evening. 

It's important that you spend some time with these questions, because, depending on what you choose, you'll find transformation and change within the answers themselves. 

If your feelings are magnetic, then choosing them must be the way that you co-create with the Universe, drawing unto you, everything that you deeply desire. 

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