Spiritual Direction

April 11, 2024

54: How can I deepen my Spiritual Practice?

spiritual development means something different to everyone.

Listen in to hear about the various spectrums you can come from when it comes to developing the spirit.

February 25, 2024

53: True Wealth Creation (with Tiffany Carole)

IN this episode, Tiffany Carole and I talk about Understanding True Wealth Creation:

We exploring the concept of wealth creation from a spiritual and soul perspective, and speak extensively about how spiritual healers traditionally view wealth, and how can they shift their mindset towards abundance and prosperity

April 3, 2023

44: Are you Struggling with your Intuition?

EPISODE 44: Are you Struggling with your Intuition?

Do you think you don’t have access to your intuition?

Then this episode is for you.

I speak to the reasons why you tell yourself you can’t hear your intuition, and also about what seeing psychics can do to our energy overall.

April 21, 2022

33: Loving Kindness (What I know for sure)

Kindness and patience are qualities that should not be understood as individual acts that we “do”, such as an “act of kindness” or “patience in the moment.” Eventually we awaken to the realisation that these are graces that reside within us, subtly reshaping an act of kindness into a person of kindness. Let's explore what these can look like in your life, and how you can carve out some reflection space and time to recognise it for yourself through a practice of loving-kindness.

July 29, 2020

How to be ‘in Flow’

You've got to know that there IS another way, and not just cognitively 'know', but in your heart, undoubtedly know, that there is a different way of living your life. It’s unconventional, and nothing that I was taught at school.

June 6, 2022

Divine Companions and Spirit Guides

You know those times when you feel all alone?

Time when it’s not really just about being alone, it’s more about feeling lonely?